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As the premier association of food industry professionals and scholars in British Columbia, BCFT is always committed to providing a platform where food scientists, technologists and students come together to learn about the latest research and developments in this industry.


Partnering with us in new product or service advertising will provide you with direct access to the target audience and decision makers in the food industry. We are currently offering the service packages below:

1) Virtual event marketing and sponsorship

          Have difficulty in reaching a new dedicated audience for your product or services? BCFT can help share your companies’ featured virtual educational events with our members via emails and social media.


2) Year-round event sponsorship

          Starting from 2022, we are glad to offer sponsorship opportunities for each one of our exciting year-round events. Sponsored suppliers are welcome to include their brand elements in a sponsored event, such as company logos in presentation, handouts, posters, etc. This is an excellent way to showcase your company’s products and/or solutions in front of food industry professionals. 


3) Section Sponsors Program

          Thinking about partnering with us all year round? The section sponsor program is definitely for you! For a limited time, we are offering annual section sponsorship as an introductory pricing.


Large-size company logo on BCFT website;
1 exclusive educational event with BCFT members;
6 virtual event marketing;
2 year-round event sponsorship


Medium-size Company logo on our website;
3 virtual event marketing;
1 year-round event sponsorship


Small-size company logo on our website;
1 virtual event marketing.

For further details about these options and how we can develop a customized package for your marketing needs:

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