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1:30 - 2:30pm

Sessions A1 & A2 

2:45 - 3:45pm

Sessions B1 & B2

1:30 - 2:30pm

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Innovating with plant-based ingredients for taste, texture and health

Over the past several years, consumer’s have shifted their focus to health and wellness. This shift changed the way we innovate across food and beverage categories yet, overall taste experience remains crucial. In this session, some of our experts will shine a light on how to create the next best food or beverage product without compromising taste and texture through key insights. We will demonstrate how to achieve pristine taste and health with better-for-you ingredients in a variety of applications to help you stand out with consumers.



Abbie Hohman, Senior Business Development Manager, US & Canada



Jenna Kouri – Business Development Manager – US & Canada


1:30 - 2:30pm

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LBB Specialties


Transitioning from Candy to Supplements

Confectionery products have gained popularity as the delivery system for supplements and added nutrients.  Some confectionery manufacturers have modified existing formulations and operations to process these new products, while new facilities are being built solely for manufacturing supplement containing confections.  This presentation will focus on some of the differences and challenges in the development of these products compared to regular confections.  There will also be discussion of the different manufacturing processes and modifications required to support the production of confections containing supplements as well as the ever-growing demand for sugar reduction.  The emphasis will be on developing and producing gummy types of confections, as well as chocolates.


Lisa Rodwin, Vice President of Food & Nutrition


2:45 - 3:45pm

Caldic North America


Ensuring product success: Importance of proper fat preservation during the product life cycle

Today’s consumer has a more advanced knowledge of the benefits of consuming nutritionally rich products. While there is often a focus on preserving nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in food products, the preservation of fats and oils is sometimes considered not equally critical. Whether in a nutritious bar or a health-conscious popcorn product, unsaturated fats in particular are crucial from a nutritional perspective. Fats in general also play a significant role in maintaining the sensory profile of a food product to avoid product returns and damaged reputation. This presentation will delve into factors such as fatty acid profiles, processing conditions, packaging, and storage to highlight the importance of scientifically evaluating each of these factors to ensure the optimal protection of nutritional benefits from fats as key components in building and maintaining a product’s reputation.


Soheil Hajirahimkhan, PhD - Principal Scientist


2:45 - 3:45pm

Caldic North America


Helping Bakeries Adapt to a More Sustainable Food Supply


With the growing trend towards sustainability and consumer demand for sustainable products it is important for food manufacturers to understand the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and products, and to evaluate how they can adapt to a more sustainable food supply. In this session we will explore some of the ways that bakeries can modify their formulations or processes to be more sustainable.  This will include formulation considerations, such as using upcycled or side-stream ingredients in baked goods while benefiting from their functional properties, as well as moving towards more plant-based formulations through egg replacement. In addition, we will address some ways to help reduce food waste, through formulating for extended shelf life. Finally, we will take a look at some process considerations, and how to reduce energy costs through more efficient production.



Michelle Amyot, Technical Lead, Bakery / Incremental Packaging Blends



Abbie Hohman – Senior Business Development Manager – US & Canada


Abbie is the Senior Business Development Manager for Taste Modification and Sugar Reduction for the US and Canada at Ingredion. She has a technical background with a bachelor and master’s degree in Food Science from the University as well as diverse experience in bench top R&D. Abbie takes her technical and scientific expertise and marry them with her tenacity and desire to achieve outcomes in a commercial environment. She is passionate about supporting customers and solving their challenges. When Abbie is not working, she enjoys being active outside or studying to advance her sommelier certification.      

Abbie Hohman


Jenna Kouri – Business Development Manager – US & Canada

Jenna is the Business Development Manager for Plant-Based Proteins at Ingredion where she supports sales, commercialization and marketing efforts for Ingredion’s pulse-based ingredients portfolio, focusing on the dairy/alternative dairy category. Jenna has worked in the food industry for 12+ years, primarily in the food ingredients sector holding various roles in both a technical/R&D and commercial capacity. She has a passion for innovation in the plant-based food product space.

Jenna Kouri
Lisa Rodwin.png


Lisa Rodwin - Vice President, Food & Nutrition

In the chemical and ingredient distribution industry for two decades, Lisa joined LBB Specialties nearly 14 years ago through the acquisition of AIC and currently serves as the Vice-President of Food & Nutrition for LBBS Canada. Lisa's passion lies in sales, business development, and marketing leadership. She has held various commercial leadership roles, showcasing her expertise and knowledge in the field. She is dedicated to driving growth and success in the industry.
Lisa's educational background in accounting and finance provides her with a strong foundation for her work. She combines her formal education with her industry experience to drive results and contribute to the success of LBB Specialties.
Lisa finds joy in 
various activities outside of work, like hiking, snowshoeing, and watching her son play college baseball. Lisa resides in Burlington, ON, with her husband and their 13-year-old chocolate lab mix, Brownie. She appreciates that our industry is driven by science and trends that support a healthy lifestyle for all.

Lisa Rodwin
Headshot - Soheil.png


Soheil Hajirahimkhan, PhD - Principal Scientist

Soheil received his PhD in Chemistry from Western University. He has an extensive background in formulating and analyzing various food and beverage products with focus on active compound stability. In his current role as Principal Scientist at Caldic, Soheil leads the company’s R&D activities across antioxidants and oil blends product portfolios.

Michelle Amyot.jpg


Michelle Amyot

Michelle has a Food Science background from the University of Guelph, and has been in the industry for 7 years.  In her current role, as Technical Lead for Bakery Blends at Caldic, she focuses on the development of bakery solutions for large customers across North America.

Sohel Hajirahimkhan
Michelle Amyot
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