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1:30 - 2:30pm

Sessions A & B 

2:45 - 3:45pm

Sessions B & C

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D’Arcy Sokol

1:30 - 2:30pm

Plant-Based, Bellff taste technology solutions


The “Plant-based Bellff taste technology session” will highlight Bell's capabilities in delivering functional taste solutions for main market needs in alternative protein applications. The biggest challenge of flavoring plant-based products is achieving the right balance of flavour release. Plant-based matrices are made up of starches, fats, and proteins that all undergo chemical interactions with aroma compounds and each have their own bitter/off notes characteristic as well. These chemical interactions make it so that the aroma compounds are unable to be detected by the taste receptors on the tongue. Flavors will often have to be used at higher levels to be impactful. Since all plant based matrices differ in their ratios of starches, fats and proteins there is no one size fits all solution. The flavor systems must be custom built for each matrix. Bell is bridging the gap towards enriching taste experiences with a collaborative & strategic technical project approach.



D’Arcy Sokol, Flavourist

Bell Presenter Bio:

Specialized in the development of flavour solutions, D’Arcy has developed hundreds of successful flavour formulations, including new creations and duplications. He has worked with a broad range of products, from RTDs, candies, fillings, yogurt preps and baked goods to vegan meat/dairy analogs, high-protein snacks, meal replacers, dental products, pet foods, and cannabis extracts. Previously, he has served in other industry roles as an essential oils R&D specialist and in flavour/essential oil production management. 

 D’Arcy obtained his M.Sc. from McGill University. His research focused on the effects of storage conditions and chemical composition on the development of off-notes in complex flavour systems. Passionate about flavour science, D’Arcy continuously discovers new chemical profiles, flavour trends and ingredient technologies and is enthusiastic about sharing his technical knowledge.


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Rebeka Davis_headshot.jpg

1:30 - 2:30pm

Leveraging Color to Power Up New Beverage Innovations

This session will explore frameworks to leverage the power of color for new beverage innovation success.  We will look at how color influences the taste experience and tap into the science of semiotics to predict emerging color trends. Through decades of technological innovations, we will share the story of how GNT evolved to provide a rainbow of truly clean-label colors made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants for today’s modern consumer.  This presentation will provide valuable technical insights on how to formulate bright and stable beverages with plant-based concentrates, and how to apply the color opportunities to current beverage trends.  Attendees will walk away with inspiring ideas sparked by emerging trends for 2023 and beyond.

Rebeka Davis, Account Manager, GNT U


Presenter Bio:
Rebeka Davis graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Master of Science Degree in Food Science. Rebeka has worked at GNT USA since 2010.  In her role, she helps customers select and implement the best EXBERRY® colors to use in their projects. This includes innovation sessions with our culinary team, color work and stability testing in the lab, fulfilling quality requirements, and much more. She lives in California where she enjoys spending time with her young daughter and running along the Sacramento River.


Sarah Goncalves_Headshot.jpg

2:45 - 3:45pm

Innovations in Healthy Ageing


The United Nations has declared 2021–2030 the Decade of Healthy Aging. Due to increased life expectancy, 1 in 6 people globally will be aged 60 years or above by 2030. The concept of healthy aging is not just limited to older years. Lifelong lifestyle could influence health status later in life. Consumers today are more in tune with their health. Discuss the advantage of incorporating Healthy Aging solutions into your next innovation. Aging is complex and manifests itself differently in different individuals.  Healthy Aging formulations will prioritize increasing health-span as lifespan continues to rise globally.  Discover novel ingredients that can improve whole person health across various demographics by supporting musculoskeletal, cognitive, and digestive health with finished concepts that include ingredients such as prebiotics, phospholipids, chelated minerals and more.

Sarah Goncalves, Technical Business Development Mana


Presenter Bio:
Sarah Goncalves is the Nutraceutical Technical Business Development Manager and host of the Wellness Academy Podcast for Univar Solutions in Canada. She has been with the company for close to a decade working closely with food, beverage, and supplement manufactures and customers. Prior, she obtained her BSc in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia. Her passion for combining health, science, and ingredients intersect to bring you new innovation strategies.



Can-Am Instruments Logo
Emil Cocirla Headshot

2:45 - 3:45pm

Introduction to Colour Measurement


Our informative presentation will cover the following topics: Colour Perception, Colour Measurement, Color Scales, Surface Characteristics & Geometry, and Sample Preparation & Presentation. Keeping the correct food colour is quite a challenge.  Variation in growing season, ingredients, additives, process variations, storage methods and time can affect food colour.  Using colour measurement instrumentation, an appropriate colour scale (or index) and proper sample preparation and presentation techniques provide objective, quantifiable and precise colour measurement data for R&D, process control, quality controls and in some cases, grading.  Colour measurement systems are used to measure fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, formulated or compounded foods, dairy products, meats, spices, flavors, grains, flour and cereals, oils, syrups, sugar and beverages.

Emil Cocirla


Presenter Bio:
Emil Cocirla has been providing rheological services and solutions for several years to customers
Canada-wide. He has been working for over 25 years with one of the leading viscosity equipment providers, Ametek/Brookfield.
Currently Emil is Service Manager and Senior Application Specialist with Can-Am Instruments at their Oakville, ON office.

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